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Umbwe Route

Umbwe route involves 6 days and 5 nights and is by far the most steeper route up the mountain and accommodation is in huts.Your trekking will start from Umbwe Gate and it will continue with a trek to the first camp on Umbwe camp. Umbwe route challenges most hikers so due to that a well thought-out location of camps to spend and by resting contribute to proper and perfect acclimatization.short route with lower success rate because of rapid ascent Very remote and quiet and Fully catered camping only.climbers usually add an extra day in the Karanga Valley.Mount Kilimanjaro Climb – The Umbwe Route provides the shortest route, and toughest, to the Southern Glaciers of Kilimanjaro and Western Breach of Kibo Peak. An ascent of Kibo by Umbwe Route is one of the finest non–technical climbing mountaineering. It is a challenging route, unsuitable for the solitary or for the inexperienced, and a route off the beaten track. This sound interesting and feel free to book your trek with Aardvark Expeditions Limited.

Please take a Note: That we only organize private treks, there will be only yourself and your travel partner(s) during Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition unless you create your own group with your friends.

Umbwe Route Camps.

Umbwe Gate to Umbwe Cave
At 7:30 a.m., we’ll transfer you to the Umbwe Park Gate at 2,100m. The path begins a narrow ridge crest between the Lonzo River to the West and the Umbwe River to the East. It is easy to follow as it continues up through the dense forest. The path continues to follow the ridge, rising steadily with some steep sections and scramble rocks. The route takes you to the first tented camp Umbwe Cave (at 2,940m) in 5 to 6 hours

Umbwe Gate to Umbwe Cave

Barranco Hut
After breakfast, we follow the trail through steep and scramble rock across rainforest to moorland. The path proceeds steep to the Southern Glacier Branches; at 4000m we reach our campsite, which is Barranco Camp, were we overnight. (6–7 hours walking).

Karanga Valley Campsite
The day will begin with a descent in to the Gorge, before we climb its eastern wall where we will enjoy views of Mount Kilimanjaro’s ice fields, an equatorial anomaly. We will continue trekking until we reach our camp in Karanga Valley (13,900 feet, 4–5 hours walk).

Karanga Valley Campsite


Barafu Campsite
After finishing our breakfast, we will climb up through the Karanga Valley; the trail turns steadily uphill, following the lava ridge to the Barafu camp. The temperature will grow colder and the landscape more sparse as we near Barafu Campsite. Barafu Campsite is set on a small, exposed flat area on a ridge, acting as a base camp from which you will make your summit attempt at midnight tonight. Barafu Campsite (15,200 feet) it takes about 6–7 hours walk.

Barafu Campsite

Summit and then Mweka Campsite
After midnight we start the challenging trekking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (12–17 hours of trek). You begin trekking at 12:30 to 1:00am, passing between the Rebmann and Tarzel glaciers to the rim at Stella Point. The temperatures range from just below freezing at midnight, to between 10 deg. F (-12 deg. C) to –10 F. (-23 deg. C) just before dawn at the summit. As dawn nears, we’ll summit at Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa at 19,340 feet. Uhuru Peak will be the culmination of – and the reward for – 6-7 hours of strenuous hiking. We’ll then descend back to Barafu Campsite, resting for a while before continuing our descent to Mweka Campsite (9,840 feet) it takes about 3–4 hours walking on the descent).

Mweka Hut to Mweka Gate and then Back to Arusha
After breakfast descend steeply through the forest on a narrow path, after 3–4 hours walking we will reach Mweka National Park Gate at 1400meters. Our company driver and vehicle will be waiting to transfer you back transferred to Arusha town in order to stay overnight at Tulia Boutique Hotel & Spa on Bed and Breakfast basis.