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Safari Holidays

Your best African safari holidays ever

What makes African safari holidays unique?
A safari is the feeling you get when hearing your first lion roar echoing across the plains. It’s coming across animals you’ve never set eyes on before, and wildlife you’ve always wanted to see. An African safari holiday is something that transforms the way you think about the world. Once you've experienced it, you feel like you have a special bond with Africa’s untamed, wide-open spaces.

We Are Ready To Plan For You

Our promise is to make your safari a memorable one, that you will always look forward to visit us again.


Tanzania Safari Holidays

Tanzania safari holidays offer adventurous activities like hot air balloon safaris over the vast savannah. Located in East Africa, Tanzania is probably best known for its Great Migration safaris. This is an annual animal migration when over 1.5 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle traverse the plains in the ultimate survival game, encountering many obstacles and hungry predators along the way.

Kenya Safari Holidays

Kenya safari holidays are similar to Tanzania but also very different! Yes, they are both located in East Africa. But we also recommend you see both as they're home to their own unique attractions. Kenya is also the setting for part of the Great Migration and has plenty of exciting game reserves.

Rwanda and Uganda Safari Holidays

If you are planning to do a gorilla trekking in Africa, you are at the right website. We welcome you to Rwanda and/or Uganda where our guides have over 15 years experience running wildlife safaris including gorilla trekking. We help you to put together silverback gorilla safaris, nature walks, cultural visits, sightseeing, birding tours and game drives in Uganda and Rwanda. We organize both budget gorilla tours and luxury gorilla safaris while sharing information that will help our clients to plan memorable silverback gorilla tours in East Africa.

How much does an African safari holiday cost?

How much an African safari holiday costs depends on many factors, including but not limited to which destinations, accommodation options, transport, activities and inclusions you opt for. There are also add-ons like a private guide and charter flights to make your African safari holiday that much more luxurious.