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Oldoinyo Lengai Climbing “The mountain of God”

It is discovered 240 kilometers toward the northwest of Arusha town, alongside the western bluff of the Great Rift Valley, sitting above Lake Natron on the fringe with Kenya.

OlDoinyoLengai is alluded to by the Maasai people as the “Mountain of God", is the main dynamic spring of gushing lava in Tanzania. Rising wonderfully from the Great Rift Valley floor to a stature of 2890m, OlDoinyoLengai is the main dynamic spring of gushing lava on the planet that radiates carbonatite magma. This sort of magma is incredibly phenomenal in light of the way that temperatures of these magmas are simply around 500°C, about a huge part of the temperature of run of the mill basalt magmas, and its magma streams with a consistency almost as fluid as water.